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Bay Area rebates are the best

We're very lucky to live in a region with some of the best rebates nationwide for home energy efficiency upgrades. But unfortunately, all rebates have an expiration date. Get ahead of the pack and learn how to claim funding and get a free  home energy efficiency assessment* at the same time by speaking with a Bay Area-based Enervisor today! 

*Eligible dwellings include: single family homes, townhouses, duplexes, or condos with a dedicated roof and foundation. Eligibility includes dwellings in the nine Bay Area countires, excluding the cities of Palo Alto and Berkeley. 

Here's an example!


Your gas furnace breaks and you need to replace it. Installing a new, gas-powered central furnace installation costs around $10,000 and offers only a single tax credit of $600 for efficient units. At best, that's a poor discount at 6%. 

On the other hand, a new electric-powered central heat pump installation costs around $15,000. However, available rebates, incentives, and tax credits make significant discounts. Here's an example rebate breakdown in San Mateo county:

In total, these incentives bring the cost to $1,100 upfront for the heat pump, with an additional $2,000 in tax credit at the end of the year. The heat pump is four times the efficiency of the gas furnace for far less of an upfront cost, and as a bonus, every heat pump also doubles as an air conditioner!

While the education of mixing and matching rebates and incentives is included in any consultation, we also have a paid service to apply for rebates on your behalf, which has a service fee of 15% of total discounts and credits received.

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