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Energy efficiency is electrification

In a head to head battle of energy efficiency, an electric-powered appliance will win out every time versus its gas-powered equivalent. That's why we at Bay Enervisors advise every household to pursue total electrification for maximum energy efficiency. And it's not just us, California as a whole is shifting towards an all-electric future as well. In 2023, regulators passed a measure that says, starting in 2027, any new hot water heaters must be electric, followed by furnaces in 2029. This means early adopters can take full advantage of rebates and incentives while they're still available!

We understand that transitioning to electric solutions may seem daunting, but our knowledgeable team will provide guidance and support throughout the process with your budget in mind. This service is provided free of charge alongside a Home Energy Score assessment, or $200 for a one-hour consultation. Contact us today to embark on your electrification journey with confidence!

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